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About Us

About US

We Seek to Introduce Ourselves as a Leading Software Support and Solution Provider in the Mystical Field of Industrial Automation. M/S Balaji Industrial Services (BIS) is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified. The Company is a GLOBAL BUSINESS PARTNER for Sarla Technologies, Bombay. – Global Software Solutions Business Partner of GE INTELLIGENT PLATFORM(U.S.A.). We Establish our company in Surat in Gujarat Region Since 1978 in Textile Division and started Automation Division in 1998.


We are a vertically integrated company where in we manage all aspects of the Industrial Automation. Which comprises all kind of Industrial Automation products sales, services, manufacturing of control panels, Upgrade of any machine (Electrical /Automation), Project analysis, Project Design, Supply of Necessary Hardware, Development, Reporting – Operators level to MIS level.